Week 37

Unit of Inquiry 

Students explored various marine signals through an audio visual presentation that was  followed by some more emergency signals used by the sailors in case of distress.



They guessed different sound signals that were played online.

Danger- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwANQb4phH0

Ambulance- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCQykaL8Hy4

Police- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G9mNBUymP8

Firetruck- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEa3ZliQkZ0

Red alert- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf624tfg5wM

Navy- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBA-1ENblN4

Countdown clock- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7guNNC2QEKo

They attempted a Summative assessment where they created posters on different signs and symbols catering to different areas in and around the school building.


 Students were shown an online story ‘Be happy’. As an extension to the story, they enacted a role play and retold the story in their own words- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbWGiV7s6Uc

Students did copywriting and made illustrations for dr, tr, cr and fr words in their journals.



Students were introduced to swar ‘ai’ through flashcards that was followed by practicing their formation on sand tray. Later, they also did copywriting of swar ‘ai’ in their journals.

Students revisited the unit related vocabulary. They also wrote simple sentences in their journals.



Students probed into the concept of ‘Measurement’ with an activity for which they were given ice-cream sticks to find objects in the class that are longer/shorter compared to it. They illustrated their observations on post-its and pasted on a sheet which was followed by a class discussion.

They were tuned into the concept of length and height when:

  • They collected random objects from the class and tried arranging them according to their height starting from the shortest. As an extension, they also arranged themselves according to their height
  • Students compared length of objects using non-standard units. They traced, measured and compared their hand and the teacher’s hand in their journals using jodo-gyan cubes/bottle lids/ice cream sticks etc.

They were also introduced to the standard unit of lengths like metres, centimeters and kilometers with an audio visual- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll21j2r8gDc

Students were tuned into ‘weight’ under measurements. They were asked to find objects that weighed more than and less than their water bottles. This was followed by preparing a class chart where they recorded their observations and a group discussion  followed.

Circle Time

During circle time, students played quite a number of games.

  • They loved playing the game ‘Musical Chair’.
  • In another game, they created a portrait of their friend on a sheet.

They loved creating random things with play doh.

Information Technology

Students recapitulated the concept of ‘paint and stamp’ tool in Tux Paint and created signs and symbols for different places like school, road and hospital etc. This was done to integrate technology with their unit of inquiry on signs and symbols.



The students sang ‘500 miles’ and ‘Que Sera, Sera’. They also learned to play ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’ on the xylophone using natural notes.



Students explored basic geometrical shapes and lines to draw/ create complex forms like humans and figures.


Students started to learn a new dance routine on the song ‘A hundred miles’. They also did exercises to improve their focus and concentration.


Physical Education

Students played lead up activity games related to major sports like relay races with the basketball, run over the hurdles, Dodge ball, tag and run, fire in the mountain. They engaged in developing their gross motor skills by using hula hoops, cones and small bean bags.IMG_5050


Week 36

Unit of Inquiry   

Students were narrated an online story ‘In my heart’. The story dealt with different feelings that we experience as humans. This was followed by a group discussion on- what are feelings?, what are emotions?, why do we feel happy, sad or angry?


Post this, they indulged in illustrating different emoticons for representing different feelings.

Students watched a song on different feelings which was followed by the introduction of some new vocabulary words like glee, glad, content, angry, unhappy, thrilled etc.


The students attempted a Formative assessment on the 3rd line of inquiry – ‘Symbols I use to communicate’.


Provocation to ‘r’ blends (fr, pr, gr, br, fr, tr etc.) was undertaken with related picture puzzles and brainstorming of different words. This was followed by showing an online audio visual presentation- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J7HcVLsCrY.


Students were introduced to swar ‘e’ and ‘ai’ using flashcards while also brainstorming different words that start with these swar. This was followed by practicing their formation on sand tray/slate. They also did copywriting of swar ‘e’ in journals and illustrated related pictures.


Students attempted a Formative assessment on Time (o’clock and half past).

They were tuned in to the concept of ‘Fractions’ using pizza cutouts. They were given pizza cutouts and were asked to share it with 3 other students, they tried dividing it into equal parts. This was followed by introduction of the vocabulary words like whole, half, halves, quarter etc.

Students also prepared a cookie booklet which showed fractions like half, quarter, whole etc.

Students attempted a Summative assessment on the operations.

Circle Time

During Circle time, students played quite a number of games.

‘Dance freeze’ was played in the class where they danced when the music was playing and froze in different poses when the music ceased to play

Students did a balancing activity where they kept a book on their head and walked a few steps

Another game where they stood in a circle and the teacher tapped on one student’s shoulder and he/she started an action which others followed.


During ICT lessons, students continued to work on Tux Paint using an iPad. They learned about stamp, magic and text tools and created beautiful drawings.


The students sang ‘Five Hundred Miles’ 


They also clapped and identified various time signatures.



Students concluded their illustrations on landscapes using lines and geometric shapes. They have now started colouring their compositions using different tints and hues of the same colour.



Students learned to use hand gestures (mudras) to represent animals. In addition they also did an exercise to enhance their musicality and understand the rhythm patterns.


Physical Education

Students played lead up activity games related to major sports like relay races with the basketball. They navigated hurdles while developing their gross motor skills as they used hula hoops.



Students were read ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell.  The story revolved around 3 baby owls who woke up one night in their tree hole to find  their mother gone.  They sat on the branch and waited for their mother, wondering when she would be back. At last when she did, they  jumped with joy as they welcomed her back home.

Week 35

Unit of Inquiry

A Formative assessment on first line of inquiry namely ‘signs and symbols are used in communication’ was undertaken.  Students sorted pictures of signs and symbols related to hospital, food/clothes, airport, mall and road under different categories.

Students were shown a video on the security procedures before take off in an aircraft.


Students were also shown a few video presentations of special news bulletin and an advertisement for hearing impaired:



Post which, the facilitator asked some thought provoking questions like:

  • What do you think were the people doing?
  • Why were they using their hands?
  • Did you understand what they were communicating to each other in different scenes?
  • Do you think everyone can talk like this?



Integrating the unit of inquiry with the language, another Formative assessment on the second line of inquiry was undertaken in the form of Take and Talk in which students presented various signs and symbols while speaking about their purpose and meaning.

Introduction to ‘ay’ as a fixed combination diagraph was carried out. Students were encouraged to brainstorm words that had ‘ay’ sound.  As an extension, students practiced writing ‘ay’ sound words in their journals.


Student were narrated a Hindi story online ‘Imandaari ka inaam’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC7IbkcsVdk

Further, they were introduced to a new swar ‘oo’ with flash cards. The students brainstormed words starting with the related swar that was followed by practicing its formation on the sand tray/slate. Students were also introduced to extended vocabulary words like oon, ooncha, oopar, oont. Students enhanced their writing skills by writing the swar in their journals and illustrating related pictures.  Students learned a new rhyme online ‘chunnu munnu’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiR0Z9X9o50


Students were assessed on their understanding of patterns through an online game on skip counting of 2s and 10s.





Students revisited the half past time, marked it on the wooden clocks and demonstrated the time on pictures of clocks in their journals.

Later a Formative assessment was undertaken on subtraction wherein students chose subtraction sums from mixed pool and solved them using appropriate strategies.


Circle Time

Students were asked to cut coloured strips of paper along straight lines which helped in further development of eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.


Information Technology

In ICT, students worked to unleash their creative skills on Tux Paint using iPads. Students explored various tools like paintbrush, shapes, new, save and eraser.


Physical Education

Student continued with their unit on tennis where they were briefed about the forehand stroke and volleying.



Students were taught basic warm up exercises used in dance and were also introduced to the vocabulary used to convey dance instruction.



The students sang ‘Que Sera, Sera’. They also learned to use natural notes while singing.


Week 34

Unit of Inquiry

Going further with the unit, students were informed and explained the meaning of different types of number plates that are seen on the road transport.

Students were  shown flash cards of the signs and symbols used at a hospital and mall.

Students played an interesting game of  dumb charades’ and guessed the sign and symbols on chits of paper. They looked at the pictures and enacted the symbol while the rest of the group guessed the action.



Students were read a story  which they retold in their own words following the correct sequence of events.

Students revisited sight words with an online game.



Students were introduced to swar ‘oo’ through flashcards.



Students revisited the concept of time and practiced o’clock time during  a game. Students were given a bowl full of chits and were asked to plot the time written on the chit.

Provocation for time (half past)was carried forward as students observed various clocks in the class with different time marked on them and tried to read off the time from a wall clock, wrist watch, table clock, mobile phones and the smart board.

They were asked various questions such as ‘what time is it?’, ‘what time do you think is it?’, ‘why do we call it half past?’. Students were also introduced to half past time through a video:


Circle Time

Students learned about Earth day through a class discussion post watching a visual presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl3zgcL0Tv8

Students enthusiastically practiced for their unit of inquiry presentation, thereby developing their self -management, social and communication skills.


Information Technology

This week during ICT lesson, students engaged in  a recap of concepts of directions using ‘Bee-Bot’. They practiced addition using an online activity. This was integrated with Math. Students also practised movement of the mouse by playing a game using numbers.



Students observed some work that used the art form of  ‘assemblage’. Most of them then created a camouflage artwork using this technique. They used paper cutouts, twigs, cotton, etc. to create their work.



Students learned how to use expressions while performing. In addition they also learned how to enter and exit while performing.


Students sang the ‘food chain’ and ‘Que Sera, Sera’ songs with actions.

Physical Education

Student continued with improving on mini tennis. They learned forehand counter with the help of ball dropping thereby improving on their hand body coordination.


Students were read the story of ‘The tiger who came to tea’ .The story delved on  a tiger who came for tea to Sophie’s home. He ate and drank everything in her house, once he finished everything; it left the family wondering what they would feed Sophie’s dad when he came home. So when dad came home, they all decide to go out. They shopped at a store and filled up their house again along with the tin of tiger food, though the tiger never came back for tea again.




Week 33

Unit of Inquiry

Going deeper into the unit, students investigated the use and purpose of signs and symbols through a grouping strategy. They were divided into small groups to solve puzzles related to signs and symbols. They spoke about where these symbols are found and what purpose they serve.

A floor map was created to explore various signages, their meanings/uses and where they are found. As an extension, they illustrated road signs and symbols which they regularly observe in their surroundings.

They loved singing a rhyme on traffic signals- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it-dTcFGsFc


Students were introduced to ‘ee’ sound and related vocabulary words during an interactive session. They wrote the words in their journals and illustrated images of the same.


Students enhanced their writing skills post a brainstorming session on words that begin with ‘u’ sound. Those words were then listed and students practiced writing them in their journals while  illustrating related objects.

Further a recapitulation of three and four letter words was done in the journal. The students identified the pictures and filled in the gaps with the missing vyanjan.



Students practiced subtraction using pictures in their journals and moved onto learning subtraction on a number line. Students also practiced subtraction  in their journals too.

Information Technology

During I.C.T., students learned to move the bee-bot in all directions. They recapitulated the concept of place value using an online activity.



Students continued to work on their camouflage compositions within their respective groups. Through this they are developing their vocabulary about optical illusion.



Students learned to coordinate movements through a group dance. In addition they also learned to use expressions to enhance their dance movements.



The students engaged in some vocal warm ups. They also sang the food chain song and the DPSI school anthem.

Physical Education

Students focused on circuit training to improve their overall motor skills. They also learned various kinds of jumps and practiced running around the cones, hurdles and rope ladders. They revised the ball handling skill while dribbling, to hone hand eye coordination.



Students walked through the library where they were explained the essential agreements of the library. They understood the importance of placing books according to different categories and levels.


Week 32

Unit of Inquiry

Taking the unit further, an exploration corner was created in each class where different signs and symbols such as     were displayed. Students were then asked to explore the corner and brainstorm about the various signs and symbols used for communication.

Students were divided into groups and were asked to use the I See- I Think- I Wonder graphic organiser. They illustrated their findings, noted down their thoughts and  questioned signs and symbols that they could not comprehend.

Further, students explored shoe boxes, tags on clothes and toy boxes. They explored and shared the  symbols found on these boxes (size, washing symbol, care symbol, age- range, brand symbol, rupee symbol, toxic/non-toxic etc.) while concluding their discussion. Students learned what symbols  denote and represent.

Students were also familiarised with some symbols related to gadgets/media such as Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. to further brainstorm about the purpose of each symbol and how they are used for communication. They then presented and talked about them in their respective groups.


Students practiced writing the vyanjan ‘pha’ in their journals and illustrated objects related to the same. Students were also introduced to simple four- letter words with flashcards. They chose a few pictures of four- letter words from mixed pool and tried identifying and writing their names.



Students were introduced to ‘sp’ and ‘st’ words during a fun game ‘stomp and spin’. As an extension students illustrated the ‘sp’ and ‘st’ pictures and labeled them in their journals.’

Students practiced to hone their writing skills.They also revisited sight words from newspapers and magazines where they spotted sight words and pasted them in their journals.



Provocation to the concept of ‘subtraction’ was done through a story ‘A bun for Barney’.

Students enacted the story and played the part of Barney, the bear, holding a bun with five cherries on it with their peers as animals: wasp, mouse, crow, squirrel and fox.  Each time an animal took a cherry the students counted the remaining cherries.

As a follow up activity: students tried solving short word problems. For example: “I have ten cookies and I ate two cookies. How many do are left?”

Students enjoyed playing a subtraction bowling game. Setting up 10 bowling pins and a ball to knock some down proved to be fun. They recorded the subtraction equations on slates to represent how many pins remained standing. Furthermore, students practiced the concept of subtraction through a fun activity sticker story wherein, students were given coloured stickers/pictures to cross out  to make a simple subtraction problem.

Information Technology

Students were introduced to a robot called ‘Bee-Bot’. They learned to move the bot in the forward and backward direction and  clear the previous instruction, using the command buttons.


Students inquired into camouflage art. They also observed some artwork related to it. They then explored  different types of camouflages used by animals and were divided into groups to create artwork on the same topic based on their choice.



Students learned entry and exit while performing a dance routine. In addition they also learned how to coordinate their movements within the group by understanding the beats of the music.



The students sang the ‘food chain’ song. They also identified time signatures and played percussion instruments.


Physical education

Student practiced gross motor skills through balancing on beam, zig zag running, trampoline, agility ladder and hurdles. These exercises helped student further develop their neuro muscular coordination and locomotor components.


Students were familiarized about an author and where they should look for the author’s name on the cover page. Each child was given a book to find out the title of the book and name of author on the cover page and write it on  paper. The basic before reading a book was reiterated.


Week 31

Unit of Inquiry

A new unit commenced having the following details :

Transdisciplinary Theme- How we express ourselves

Central Idea- Signs and symbols are used to communicate information and express ideas  

Lines of Inquiry-

  • Signs and symbols used in communication
  • The purposes of a variety of signs and symbols
  • Symbols I use to communicate

Provocation of the new unit was undertaken with viewing of some videos where students were shown  sings and symbols found in a zoo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCdOVZ45xVs  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ7F0BpCClQ&t=15s   Post this a class discussion was carried forward where  questions about what they saw were posed.

Students inquired into various food packets and cartons as they looked for various signs and symbols like the green dot for vegetarian/a red dot for non-vegetarian choices , garbage symbol , recycle symbol .  Students were also asked to bring a few empty packets/cartons/food boxes from home which were later displayed in the class post a close inspection.
Students were taken for a walk around the school building to observe the signs in their surroundings. Each student was given post-its and asked to illustrate 2-3 different signs and symbols they saw based on their previous knowledge. As an extension, students shared what signs and symbols they illustrated, how and why they are used.

Students decoded the central idea – ‘Signs and symbols are used to communicate information and express ideas’ using various pictures.


Students were introduced to a new swar ‘ee’. The students brainstormed a few words that begin with ‘ee’. Further students were introduced to words that begin with the swar. Students traced it and practiced writing it on the slate and in their journals.


Recapitulation of phonograms learned thus far was undertaken through an online game: http://www.softschools.com/language_arts/phonics/games/ch_sh_wh_th_sounds.jsp

Students identified rhyming words in their library books. As an extension, they wrote the words focusing on circling the ending sound to stress upon rhyming words.

Further, students sorted the rhyming words under appropriate word family and pasted them in their journals.



Students revisited the concept of patterns and odd\even numbers through a number grid activity in which they were asked to color the odd numbers red and even numbers blue. As an extension to the above activity they chose an even number to create an even number pattern and an odd number to create an odd number pattern.

Students were also introduced to the concept of skip counting in tens through a caterpillar counting story. Students recapitulated skip counting verbally through a fun game ‘fizz buzz’. Students skip counted 10s and filled in the missing numbers in their journals as a recapitulation exercise.

Information Technology

Students explored educational games on the laptop and had fun in joining the dots and colouring. Initially, they had difficulty in handling the mouse but later they became comfortable using it. They also engaged in a recap of the basics of computer fundamentals.



Students are thorough with the shades of warm and cool colours as they began to paint the given compositions using waste materials like pencil shavings, etc. to decorate their work.



Students are learning their entry and exit during a dance performance. In addition students are also learning to use various expressions to enhance their dancing skills.


The students sang ‘Que Sera, Sera’ (https://youtu.be/CcWbZUgymkw). They also learned to sing the DPSI school song and ‘The farmer plants the seeds’ (https://youtu.be/cRhGOdqWIIo) in a choir.


Physical education

Students continued with the unit on gymnastic where they practiced forward roll. Students were briefed about the basic standing and rolling stance. They also enhanced their neuro-muscular coordination.