Week 3rd

Unit of Inquiry

Kindergarteners commenced their 1st unit under the Transdisciplinary Theme: How the world works

Central Idea: The Earth’s natural cycles influence the activities of living things

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Natural cycles go through a process of change
  • The effects of natural cycles on living things
  • Human impact on the Earth’s natural cycles

 The students were engaged in a thought provoking discussion on the things that are present in the solar system (sun, moon and planets).

They were shown an online video on solar system

Comet meets the solar system

The students also loved singing the ‘Solar system song’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ-qLUIj_A0  (

They were read a book called ‘The planets’ which provided a further insight into the solar system; the number of planets, their position in the solar system, and their characteristics etc.


Students reinforced the phonic sounds through various activities using the Montessori Large movable box material. They were asked to pick up random objects from the class and identify the initial and the final sound for the same. As a follow up, they were given slates and asked to write the letters on the slate. They loved pasting pictures of different objects in their journals and practiced writing the initial and final sound next to each picture.


Reinforcement of vyanjan ‘घ’, ‘र’, ‘ल’ was done through flash cards/objects/toys. Initial sound of the objects and recitation of vyanjan was undertaken. Students also practiced the formation of the vyanjan ‘घ’ through rainbow tracing.

They played a ‘mystery bag’ game in which they were asked to collect object and guess the initial vyanjan for each. Subsequently they practiced writing the  vyanjanon their slate.

Students enjoyed learning a new Hindi rhyme ‘Ginti – ek, do, teen’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QQ9o_wLCU8


Students were shown flash cards for Subitising from (1-10). They estimated the numbers and wrote on the slate. They were shown beads in a tray and were asked to estimate the numbers and count to compare how accurately they had managed to  estimate.

They  wrote numbers from (1-10) on the given place value lines. i.e ones on green and tens on blue lines.

To further strengthen their concept of odd/even, they were read a book titled ‘Missing mittens’ by Stuart Murphy.


Students extended their learning of the unit through an iPad app ‘Marco Polo Weather’. They used the app to explore different seasons, weather, the changes in the environment and their effect on human beings.


The students loved singing ‘she’ll be coming round the mountain’(https://youtu.be/l42FxKm4r_Q), ‘nanha munna rahi hu’” (https://youtu.be/PKYjUOwAk38)and the school anthem ‘Here we stand’.



Students were introduced to warm and cool colours. They also inquired about the colour wheel. They loved using stencils of different geometric shapes for their drawing thereby enhancing their fine motor skills.



Basic routine was undertaken and students concentrated on mobility and flexibility regimes.



Physical Education

Students have begun practicing different modes of stretching exercise to develop body co-ordination  to improve the flexibility and strength.


The students were read author Giles Andreae’s wonderful book named ‘Mad about dinosaurs’.The book comprised of lovely illustrations on dinosaurs  and some relevant information on various carnivorous and herbivorous species in a perfectly rhyming style. The story kept students thoroughly engaged during their library class.



Week 1 & 2

The Kindergarteners were engaged with a variety of fun filled activities during their first week in school to make sure they settle into a routine quickly and easily.

An icebreaker activity called ‘roll a topic’ was played to build a classroom community. Students took turns rolling the dice and counted the dots on the dice to answer  corresponding questions.


Students were shown a story called ‘The great elephant’. The learner profiles attribute of being caring was emphasized through the same.



Reinforcement of the vyanjan ‘ब’, ‘स‘ and ‘न ‘ was done through flash cards and hands on activities. As a follow up, students identified the picture cut-outs and wrote the respective initial sounds in their process journals.

They also loved watching a story called ‘बंदर की घंटी’ and inferred the characters through stick/hand puppets.


Students learned how to introduce themselves in Hindi.

Students loved learning a new rhyme ‘Indradhanush’.


Students played a treasure hunt game, where numbers were hidden in different corners of the class or them to look for the numbers and identify them.

They associated the quantities with the corresponding numerals through playing cards.

Students also played a number game called ‘Fire on the mountain’ where in they were grouped together by calling out one number randomly.

Later during the week, students were introduced to the concept of subitising with the help of Lego-blocks and number flash cards. As a follow up, the same was reinforced in the journals for a better understanding.



Students started the new academic year with enthusiasm. They framed essential agreements to be followed in the ICT lab and introduced themselves through a fun filled activity.

During the week they worked on Code a pillar, an iPad app which helped students to learn about the fundamentals of coding by breaking the directions into simpler steps.


The students loved singing scales in ascending and descending order with the help of the Kodaly hand signs. They also sang ‘she’ll be coming round the mountain.’




Students loved to talk about their favourite colours during art class.As a follow up, they made some essential agreements for colouring inside the art room. They also improved their artistic skills by colouring a given composition using crayons and colour pencils.


Student are learning combination of elementary level (Jazz, Blade) hands and (First and second parallel) feet positions with different type of music during their dance routine.