Week 18

Unit of inquiry

Taking the unit further, students were read a story ‘Be a good friend’  through which they inquired into some attitudes like- cooperation, appreciation, tolerance.

They loved being an audience for a role play enacted by their facilitators show casing the relationship with friends with the above mentioned attitudes.

As a follow up activity, students made a friendship tree. They were given a leaf each on which they illustrated/wrote the attitudes connected with friendship and how they would like their friends to treat them.

Students loved singing- ‘The more we get together, the happier we’ll be’ and were also read a story book – ‘Never be selfish’. Post which a formative assessment was undertaken for which they coloured the attitudes they learned with respect to neighbours, parents, teacher, pets and friends.



Students were introduced to a new set of sight words – so, of, to, and has with a hopscotch game. Later they wrote the same in their journals and tried making sentences using the same.


Introduction to ‘ut’, and ‘un’ family words was done with a mystery bag activity. Students took out pictures, identified them and called out aloud. For example – nut, hut, pug, hug, sun.

As a follow up, a listening activity was carried out in the class  where students listened to the audio and answered questions about the same:




Difference between oval and circle was reiterated to students through videos on the two shapes, post which they had a discussion on the difference between the two.



Formative assessment on 2D shapes was undertaken in which students were given a bingo sheet. They were asked shape related questions and expected to colour the 2D shape accordingly. Introduction to 3D shapes was done (cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, cuboid) with a 3D shapes song .


Association of real objects with 3D shapes was undertaken too  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jerxQ0tvtI. They also illustrated real life objects for each 3D shape in their process journals.


Students were introduced to vyanjan ‘थ’ through flash cards and vocabulary words were introduced. They brainstormed the words starting with the letter. Students practiced the formation with the help of rainbow writing which was followed by writing on the slates.

Students were given some pictures which they pasted in their journals and wrote the initial vyanjan against it.

Students were narrated a story ‘Amma ki saari’ in  class. As a follow up, they sequenced the picture cards of the story.

Circle time

Students developed-

Self-management skills- How to tie shoe laces


Students are learning to draw a portrait of their peers following simple steps. Use of  geometric shapes and  line of symmetry are being used for drawings.


Students learned two new dynamics in music which are ‘legato’ (indicating that music notes are sung in a connected manner) and its opposite ‘staccato’ (indicating that music notes are shorter and sung in a disconnected manner).



Physical Education

Student have been practicing basketball dribbling as a primary skill. They practiced basketball dribble in a zig zag way with the right and left hand around the cone and through the cone.


KG children were asked to draw on a piece of paper all those gifts that they want Santa to bring for them on this Christmas, , they further explained what they drew and it was written by us on those slips. Many of them wanted cars, dolls, trucks. however, some gifts were very unique like machines, robots, and real baby girl or baby boy.



Students were taught the mirroring exercises to improve their concentration and observation skills.This would enhance their skills to pick up movements with more clarity.




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